Almost at the four month mark - wooo!


We set out to begin this voyage more than a year ago - formalizing our name, logo, beginnings of website, visiting different areas for a good venue, setting up organizational and communications structure, constructing lists of vendors and speakers, doing research... and here we (and the growing Hudson Valley Vegfest Team) are, still working away - hitting the ground running every day to make sure Hudson Valley Vegfest Year One is absolutely unforgettable. Our to-do lists are a few miles long, but the energy is incredible and building every day, and you only have to wait a little under five months for this big ship to arrive! 

Gold's Gym Logo

We wanted to give a shout-out to our fantastic venue: They call the massive space "The Net" at GOLD'S GYM in Poughkeepsie (for the massive nets that can divide the space). It is the size of 3 soccer fields... and that is because it LITERALLY IS THREE INDOOR SOCCER FIELDS! With that kind of huge indoor space under an arched and soaring ceiling, we’re going to be able to stand tall and showcase the vegan life in all its abundance, health, sustainability and compassion. And if it happens to rain that weekend, we will all be high and dry indoors whooping it up! If you are new to the Vegfest phenomenon, we can only say that it covers a lot of ground and by the time you leave, you will have new and incredible insight into what the shift to plant-based living is all about; you'll be empowered with new ways to begin, new foods and products to try and amazing resources and organizations to help guide you forward to the kinder life. If you’re already vegan…well, this will be Paradise in Poughkeepsie.  And what would a festival at a fitness center be without an incredible presentation by champion bodybuilders and athletes who ALL happen to be vegan!!  PLANTBUILT Team Members will be in the house! We’re pumped up, for sure!

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AMELIAROSE ALLEN is a young singer-songwriter, actor, activist, and journalist (On the Emmy Award-winning "Teen News") who is dedicated to teaching everyone about her vegan lifestyle. She'll be performing with her band on our vendor hall stage, as well as representing for U.K. based youth-education group TEEN VGN at their booth! Teen VGN is a social network & support group with a mission to provide a platform for young vegans to speak out and generate creative ideas in order to become enthusiastic advocates for the animals. Tell a teenager about Hudson Valley Vegfest – they’ll make lasting connections to other young people who are also choosing to lead the way on the important issues that being vegan addresses!

WDST logo

The incredible RADIO WOODSTOCK 100.1 WDST is now a Media Sponsor of Hudson Valley Vegfest! Fiercely independent, WDST has been tagged “the coolest radio station on the planet” by listeners and members of the music-radio industry – even named “Best Station” by Billboard Magazine! They have incredible radio and email/online reach in the region and we are truly thrilled to have their support. More "vegan" is coming to the airwaves!



AND…If you didn’t catch it online, HUDSON VALLEY MAGAZINE wrote about our Hudson Valley Vegfest - and the article has been shared over 500 times so far!  You can read it HERE!


The vendor list keeps growing each week and we’re working on some innovative ideas for the weekend...  It just keeps getting bigger and better and before you know it, September will be here.  Stay tuned and thank you for supporting what we hope will usher in a new era in the Hudson Valley!

Sande & Rebecca

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