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(Main Stage in Vendor Hall)
To learn about PLANTBUILT is to turn everything you thought you knew about achieving strength, muscle and peak fitness on its head!  Incorporating the latest, most advanced health and nutritional information, each member of the PlantBuilt team has achieved their goals without any animal products. In fact, they view plant-based living as essential to accomplishing elite levels of strength, health and wellness, and will share that with you at Hudson Valley Vegfest! PlantBuilt has over 70 members around the country, all committed to the highest levels of athleticism in tandem with educating on the benefits of veganism and being cruelty-free. In the words of the collective: "We live, train, compete and educate in our communities, showing the success of compassionate veganism."  Even cooler: any monies raised by the team as competition winnings or donations exceeding operations costs are given to farm sanctuaries and vegan outreach groups.

PlantBuilt Team members will be doing presentations on both days of the festival, as well as on hand to meet you at their booth!