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(Upstairs Presentation Room)
Dr. Anteneh Roba is the Founder of THE INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR AFRICA. Roba and IFA have done profound work on behalf of both humans and animals in Ethiopia -  from medical missions and establishing clinics that have brought physicians, medicine and equipment to treat infants and adults in different regions, to setting up food programs for the hungry and educating on the benefits of a plant-based diet, nutritionally and as a powerful tool to alleviate hunger and oppression… and uniquely, IFA has also rescued and advocated for animals as part of their mission. Dr. Roba's life changed in 1999, when he had the opportunity to care for a little dog named Nikita, who caused him to awaken to the sentience and suffering of all beings. Not long after, in 2003, Roba journeyed from where he was a practicing physician in Texas, back to his motherland, Ethiopia. There, he made powerful connections: He saw babies dying of diseases that were treatable and preventable, and he saw homeless children sleeping on concrete, not receiving the nutrition they needed; at the same time, there were animals suffering as well, being needlessly tortured and not receiving food or care. With a changed perspective, Roba returned to the United States and the International Fund for Africa was born. Since 2003, Roba has also contributed writings to books such as the compendium Circles of Compassion, and a chapter in the book Rethink Food: 100+ Doctors Can't be Wrong - as well as contributed writings to numerous magazine and websites, spoken at conferences and more. Propelled by his own compassionate journey and years of incredible work – whether as a physician, an advocate for a nutritional plant-based diet for Africa in order to end cycles of poverty and malnutrition, working with vegetarian/vegan societies in Ghana and Togo and being instrumental in establishing the first Ethiopian Vegan Association, or be it working with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or caring for his own rescued canine family, Dr. Roba’s story, efforts and voice will move and inspire everyone to embrace a more global, just and compassionate vision.