The Incredible Sponsors of Hudson Valley Vegfest 2017

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THRIVE is your exclusive source for connecting with today’s most influential and driven movers and shakers. Thrive delivers exclusive up-close and personal interviews with the most innovative game changers of our time: the greatest athletes, musician, social entrepreneurs, visionaries, and celebrities with inspirational stories and a social cause. Thrive is the first magazine to feature plant-based performance nutrition as a means to enabling professional and Olympic athletes to perform at the highest level. Each issue includes numerous plant-based recipes (with gorgeous full-color photos) & meal plans, too!




Beginning with the Poughkeepsie Journal, Poughkeepsie Journal Media has been delivering news and information to the Mid-Hudson River Valley since 1785! Backed by decades of experience and relentless dedication, our team of professionals work diligently to uphold the highest standards, providing the Valley’s most trusted sources for news and information. Poughkeepsie Journal Media doesn't just cover our community; they're a part of it. From raising funds that help at-risk children and families to sponsoring local events, our commitment is to improve areas where we live and work.


Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST is proud to be one of the remaining independently owned and locally operated radio stations in the country. Billboard Magazine has named Radio Woodstock 100.1 “Best Station” numerous times. The recipient of national and regional awards for its eclectic and innovative programming, Radio Woodstock 100.1 seeks out and promotes the development of emerging artists, while still paying tribute to established talent whose music stands the test of time. You can stream themon as well as CBS Radio’s (on computers and mobile devices). We are also the biggest concert promoter in the Hudson Valley! WDST is guided by their passion for music.




HUDSON VALLEY VEGFEST is seeking an incredible partner to continue to go forward and build something powerful. We would love to express our thanks to your company/organization here, there and everywhere we promote, connecting our community to yours. See the PROMOTION page for more on the exciting things being set in motion, and click the button below to be in touch. You can also email us at hvvegfest(at)

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Your company on our beautiful Tees!

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